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Lisa and Daniel were wonderful to work with, and they had such a fun, and lively wedding. The handmade details were ahhhhmazing! From the brooch boutique to the D + L’s placed through out the wedding. You can guarantee I’ll be adding more photos soon!

LisaDanielSP (3)

LisaDanielSP (5)

Amazing right?!?!

LisaDanielSP 3

LisaDanielSP (4)

LisaDanielSP 1

LisaDanielSP (2)

LisaDanielSP 2

LisaDanielSP (1)

And one of the sweetest photos of the season…. love it!

LisaDanielSP (6)


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I stepped outside Saturday morning and couldn’t believe the chill in the air. It was freezing! I couldn’t have been more delighted. Thoughts of boots, sweaters, scarves, and hot chocolate ran through my mind. WINTER is almost here!

I can’t wait to see the leaves change, pick pumpkins, drink grog, and bundle up in winter coats. I’m so thankful that it’s no longer summer.:)

I stepped outside last winter and snapped this photo over my patio. I can’t wait to take more snowy photos this year. Bring on the holidays!

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